This site has been set up as a template for any Council wishing to create a wiki, intranet or extranet site. If you would like a copy (clone) of the site to use as a base to create a Council specific site please let me know (moc.liamg|riafnekrad#moc.liamg|riafnekrad) and I will be more than happy to create one for you.

Once the site has been copied you will probably want to make a few immediate changes - the logo for example.
See: How to customise the site for more information.

If you need some inspiration or you just want to see what sites other Councils have been built using this template click here for a list of sites based on the template.

Random Pages

There are lot of articles on this site and it isn't always easy to find them. This is especially true if you don't know they are there. The links below change every time you access the home page, so if you keep an eye on them, you may see something of interest you didn't know was on the site.

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